Giubbone – Pancia (Belly)

Thinking is dangerous.

The doublet padding kept bothering me and I kept returning to the Moroni painting. I was reading more about the construction of a few of these extant doublets and starting to consider padding choices and the line of the front of the doublet. This doublet is a peascod shape but it is not extreme in this case — creating just a hint of shaping to flatter the figure. So padding, use of bones, and overall structure can go a lot of different ways. And the painting keep scratching at my brain.

I have completely changed my mind and will be adding a little more structure to the front of this doublet. The wrinkles on the side of where the belly pad is on Grumelli in the Moroni painting was the key. I can definitely see implied lines of padding in three layers in the belly and also padding at the shoulder.

Given these conjectures, I am going to pad to follow these lines while still using the same materials and construction techniques from the extant doublets.

This also means that I need to acquire some wool roving as this padding scheme requires it. This is what happens when the artifacts start speaking to you.

Ciao, Fiore


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