Sartoria (Tailor’s Shop)

It has been a minute, my friends. The fact is that I haven’t built much clothing at all since my move in May. Then, just as I started to get my crafting space in order news came from the Monarchs of the East that my husband and I will be new Baron and Baroness of Carolingia. If you have no idea what I am talking about you should check into the SCA.

In any event, I am now ramping up from no production to supervising some major production of garments. Thankfully, I will have some help. In the interest of getting it all done on time and allowing for my helpers skills, many garments will use machine stitching in some form. We are dancing about 1588 or so.

The garments:

A Sottana of yellow silk taffeta (designed as an undergarment), lined with silk dupioni (for me: built by hand by me)

A Veste of blue silk taffeta, lined with silk dupioni (for me)

A Doublet of yellow silk taffeta, lined in silk dupioni (for Frithuric)

A Jerkin of blue silk taffeta, lined in blue linen (for Frithuric)

Venetian pants of blue silk taffeta, lined in blue linen (for Frithuric)

The inspiration pictures (the middle figure in the Armada campaign illustration) are below. Our intrepid sewing group meets for the first time this week and I am furiously drafting all of the patterns to our current sizes and cutting all of the silk so that piece work can be assigned.

More to come very soon.



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